Monday, June 14, 2010


Yesterday was pretty bad, the last time I felt that sort of panicked and out of control was the pizza day, when I made the call for help. Not every day is that bad, I guess I just need that outlet when it gets that way.

Thanks to all who were there - via email, via phone, via comments and twitter. I really do have the best friends all around.

This is my Power - when I don't have it, I have you. I'm up again today, but I gave nothing to that voice, I had a job to do this morning and it was to go hit my opening attempts, no doubts, nothing but strength and confidence.

Squat Opener: 165

When I first reviewed this, I was concerned on depth - I think it's solid now that I can see it on something other than the tiny lcd on the camera. Still, depending how I feel that day I may change it up to 160. The opening weight is not what matters, the opening squat is simply to set the tone of confidence and capability, it must be nailed. So the difference between 160 and 165 is really irrellevant.

Bench Opener: 110 paused

Solid :)

I did 2 sets of super light seated rows, and 20 minutes of super easy elliptical. I may go for a walk at dusk tonight when it's a little cooler.

I am strong this week.


  1. You are strong my friend you are gonna do awesome at your meet!! Wish I was there to cheer you on! :)

  2. Wow thanks Al! I know you'll be there virtually :)