Monday, August 16, 2010

Where I Am Right Now

A number of things are going on right now that are kind of big and scary and that in order for me to successfully navigate, I need to continually bring myself back to the right here, right now.

You all know what's up with me personally, and that continues. I called Christie this morning and asked her for an earlier appointment if possible (I don't see her until Saturday), but she is booked up. She reminded me early this morning to try to just stay focused on NOW. It was good timing.

This is a big week for us at work, our new commercial is going out to the stations and should be hitting the airwaves very soon. Peek:

We *finally* made the announcement of our partnership with the Biggest Loser (we filmed that commercial when we were in Portland as well but it's had to be on the down low until today).

But, even with all that good, there were casualties. We took a big loss today, we were surprised by a round of layoffs. I'm not going to elaborate beyond that, was a *very* difficult day. And I'm fine, I survived (as did most anyone you are wondering about if you are reading this), but...

So where am I right now? I'm on my sofa with my beautiful Ms. Lily snuggled up by me:

From Blogger Pictures

Lots of love and support from all of my family and amazing circle of friends, safe with a job that (despite the stress) I do love, in a home that (despite the stress with the bank) I also love...

I am O.K. right this very moment. Very capable and aware. Tired, a little angry, very sad, kind of frustrated, a little anxious...but and OK.

Christie didn't have any earlier appointments for me but she will call me if something opens. I had an amazing workout this morning and I know I am getting stronger and improving my technique. I have a world of opportunity waiting to be explored.

I'm on the right path, even when I get confused and think I'm not.


  1. Your blog is so interesting! Particularly fascinating that you've gotten into powerlifting. Keep up the great blog and hang in there :).