Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 4 Training

Maybe part of what I'm feeling is also exhaustion. My workout this morning wiped me out long before I even got to work.

Today was deads/bench/deads day.

The first group of deads were "halting" deads, or deadlifts to knees.
Basically you perform the first part of the lift and lift from the floor to the knees, pause (x 3 seconds), and then complete the lift.

Here's my last set of those:

I can't even tell you what a special kind of hell those are. The weight is relatively light, and they still totally wasted me. Many, sets of those, then bench, and then back to regular deads.

After my 2nd to last set of deads, I was unsure I'd even get through the last one. The weight was a little heavier than the last set of halting deads, but still, relative to the way I had been training, very light, and it about killed me.

Form was definitely suffering by then. Kept my back tight, solid arch, but my hips come up way high before the bar even begins to move, not sure what was going on there but I'm quite sure fatigue played a role in it.

Friday is squat/bench/squat and pretty high volume. I'm off on Friday but after I train I have to go sit for CPR recertification (for PT cert that is on the verge of expiring). If i"m not feeling recovered I'll have to move that to Saturday I think..we'll see how I'm feeling.

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