Monday, August 9, 2010

Taking Back Some Power

One of the things that my little "episode" this weekend helped me to see even more clearly than before is my need to feel in control. I don't like to feel powerless (not that anyone does but...); I get restless, I feel caged or trapped, panicky.

Earlier in the week last week I received a FedEx from Bank of America. This is part of an ongoing battle we've been engaged in for months, trying to go through the Home Affordable Modification Program with Bank of America. The letter within the FedEx threatened that I could "lose my eligibility" for not having returned requested required documents.

That I returned.

In February.

I cannot tell you how in that instant I felt completely powerless. I have been at this with them for months, at their mercy, as there is no other bank that will touch my mortgage for a refinance with a 10ft pole. I'm nearly 200% upside down, for starters. Roadblocks at every's ANOTHER battle, day in and day out with them.

Today I sent this email to one of their associates who had been trying to help me navigate the process. It details the steps I took on Friday to try to take some power back from them...

On Friday I sent a letter to Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan (I know, fat chance he’ll see it but it made me feel better) detailing the timeline that has taken me to this point. I also included a copy of the package of information that was requested and returned to BoA in February (the same packet you have), annotated to note where all of the documents were originally included that were highlighted and deemed “missing” by the latest letter I received last week, despite numerous reassurances that all documentation had been received and was complete.

I sent the same package and copy of the letter to Brian Moynihan, along with an additional cover letter asking for any assistance or intervention on my behalf and on behalf of EVERYONE, for some oversight or SOMETHING – to my Florida (D) Senator Bill Nelson.

Finally, I contacted an Evening News producer and I will be speaking with CBS Miami for an interview tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon about this entire situation. They will be doing an “investigative report” type story.

This has been *17 months* in the making. As such, you can imagine that I am outraged, disgusted, and beyond frustrated with all of this. It is a process with no “process” in place, not one department knows what another is doing, misinformation abounds, documents are lost, all the while people are losing their homes or quite simply walking away out of frustration when, moral obligation aside - it makes NO economic sense to continue to stay. I will not just sit here and be threatened (“…at risk of losing your eligibility because you have not returned the following documents…”) or made to feel powerless over this situation one minute longer.

I may not get anywhere with this, but at least I’ll know that I’ve stood up for myself, and anyone else who’s at their wits end because of this ridiculous process. MY money, YOUR money, and everyone else’s money went into BoA for a bail out, I’ve played and asked nicely for a little help in return, and I’m getting roadblocks at every turn. I’m done playing nice, I’m done playing patient, and I’m done banging my head against the wall. At this point, I want an answer – yes or no.

I very much appreciate the help you’ve provided me so far, but I think you’ll agree that this has really gone on long enough. Thank you again for your help and understanding,


Getting all that stuff out and dealt with on Friday was certainly a huge help, but I needed more of a control fix, so Saturday - well..I set out to control the thing that I could the easiest and fastest...control fix = ahhhhhh. It quieted all the chatter in my head, at least temporarily.

In other news: My lil' Sweetpea is! right now on catnip ;)

In OTHER other news, my training today was faaaabulous. I'm exhausted, but it went really well. Myles will probably tell me differently, but watching my form on some of these sets, I feel like I'm still making some really good progress :)

Here's one for your viewing pleasure ;) The last of a bajillion total sets!
133 x 4


  1. Ooooh. Love the BoA email! Can I have some catnip?

  2. You go girl...and I can so relate to that utter feeling of's a feeling of impotent rage...ugh! And I hate to say it, but that's the kind of feeling I sometimes get when I am around my mother. Go figure.

    Anyway, I just saw this post and thought you might find some insight here. Do you follow Christie at Honoring Health?