Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Meet Approaches...

Ok here we are with less than 2 weeks to go! I'm getting that giddy kind of excited for this meet (and let's not play - the time off around it too)!

I've got 4 training sessions left between now and then and tomorrow is the LAST big deadlift day. The past few weeks I've had a tendency to lose my back positioning at the start of the lift, so tomorrow I really need to nail it. Myles suggested that it seems I've slightly altered my set-up, trying to arch and set the back and hold it while I grasp the bar where as before, I would bend over, grab the bar and THEN arch and set my back.

Usually by now I'm all going crazy with trying to figure out attempt selections, but I'm feeling confident in 5lb PRs across the board, with potential decisions to go for 10 depending on the look/feel of the 2nds.

That said...here's the tentative plan:
Squat: 170, 185, 195/200
Bench: 100, 110, 115/120
Deads: 270, 290, 315/320

With the 5lb gains across the board I'd hit a Total PR of 30lbs (the PR's from my last meet don't "count" since I bombed the bench) which would be HA-UUUUGE! But I believe I've got a 200lb squat in me today, and I know I've hit 122 in bench training *at least 3 times* so 120 is in there too. It's just going to be a matter of what I've got in the tank THAT DAY.

This meet will be live streamed on the net as have the others. I'm super stoked though that my parents won't be tuning in through the internet this time, they'll be there for all the live action! Hahah...probably much to their horror LOL ;)

As far as nutrition, weigh-ins, etc...I've been really good with my non-plan plan the past few weeks of only logging food at the end of the day, eating when I'm hungry, etc. My wt has *stabilized* (I say that begrudgingly, in all honesty) right around 145. I'm starting to feel anxious about that...like the voice in there is starting to get a little louder "you're too close it's too close" to the cut off (148) but I'm trying to stay focused on my overall health and feeling good and just being STRONG for the meet! What a concept. It's not that I don't GET the concept...I am still just not comfortable at this weight. I know, it will come...be patient, be gentle...it will come, right?

Right?! Repeating..."Everything I eat turns to health, beauty, strength and love."

I thought I ate really well before the last meet, RC says I still had a lot of room to improve. I should probably ask for some tips...

I can do this :)

Start the countdown...I'm bringin it, all of it this time - nothin' left out there!


  1. Doesn't this tell you all you need to know about your "non-plan plan" and weight?

    I'm feeling confident in 5lb PRs across the board.

    I am so excited for you!

  2. Thanks for being excited with me :)

    It does, in a way..it tells me I can mostly maintain here. I think.

    But it doesn't address that I'm uncomfortable here, all it is is that I've tried to *accept* here for what it is while I try to re-learn me.

    I don't want here, so the "non-plan plan" isn't...it isn't something. I don't know what it is or isn't exactly, but it's not gonna do it forever. It's for today and next week maybe...I seem to have a threshold of "acceptance" or maybe it's less "acceptance" and more "tolerance." I'm reaching it...I'm uncomfortable, I want it to change..that's all.