Monday, October 4, 2010

Less Work, More...Carbs?!

Ugh so this morning...hmmm...not such a hot workout.  Not sure if maybe Saturday was too soon to get right back to it or what, but today I was sooo incredibly weak and not recovered enough from Saturday to have any business in the gym.  My back was tight/sore still from Saturday and I could not hold a solid arch to squat.

I worked up to the 3 x 156 but bailed after that after barely putting that 3rd rep up.  Didn't think going up further as the plan dictated would do me any good and I actually felt like I might hurt myself because I could just not hold a tight arch at all.

Bench wasn't much better - at least I did that full set,  but I stopped after that and left the incline db presses and the remainder of the workout (including all assistance work and an entire other round of squats) for another day.  I did at least get some cardio in after but even that was probably not smart.

It was hard to let go of the training, but when I reviewed the video I'd taken of my squats I thought about T and what she would tell me if she were training with me...she'd probably be like "WTF you've got nothing, cut this out"  And if T were *really* there (rather than in my crazy, voices-hearing head!) she probably would have convinced me to leave it a little sooner than I actually did, and probably to skip the cardio too, but hey...small victories.

Anyway - I'm not sure I can convey the level of stress that I had leading up into last week - now that I'm through it I'm starting to feel the effects I think, so I'm well aware I need to play it smart this week.  I wrote Myles and Dave and share this with them as well...I know it was the right thing.

To that end, I was STARVING today.  I mean ravenous.  And I've been trying to continue the "listen-then-eat" thing, and not stick so much to a "plan." And when Dorian asked me if I wanted to get out for lunch today, I heard the voice say "no you've got your food" but I also knew that I could be reasonable where she wanted to go and all would be OK, even if it wasn't 100% comparable to what I brought.

So off we went. And all day I felt perfectly comfortable with what I ate, even the tiny bit of FroYo (it was about a half serving..about 1/4 cup). 

Now at the end of the day, logging everything just to see where I've ended...NOW the doubt sets in.  So that makes no sense.  My body was happy and satisfied with the choices I made earlier, no sense in questioning it now...theoretically, I LISTENED and I ate what I needed.

So...for the record, this morning after another total day off yesterday, I was 144.6

Today's food: 
1570 cals
145g protein
171g carbs (this is of course what makes me nervous)
34g fat


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