Thursday, November 4, 2010

RAW United North American Open

I'm just wrapping a few things up here and then I am OFF! 5 days of vacation...very much needed.

Tomorrow is the drive over to Tampa, Saturday is weigh-ins and then some long lost family stuff (long story ;) and then Sunday is THE day and I am SO FREAKING PUMPED for this, I can't even tell you! YEAH!

The meet will stream live on the net on Sunday, if any of you want to tune in! I love knowing you guys are cheering me on virtually so if you CAN tune in even for just a short while, I would LOVE IT!

The meet starts at 10am EST (remember to Fall Back this weekend/Saturday night) and I am in "Flight C." I am thinking my first squat will be around 10:40 or 10:45am. I'm the ONLY chick lifting on Sunday (long story #2), so you won't be able to miss me when I'm up, hahah ;)

Anyway - if you want to, you can tune in here!

I'll be back Sunday night and can update then :)

I think that's all! YEAH so ready and excited I can hardly contain myself at this point, heh heh....I feel SOLID!

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