Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year Rising

2010 hasn't been the smoothest of years for me. Between work, the house, the bank, the injuries, and the eating "issues," I've definitely had a lot on my plate through the majority of the year. It hasn't really slowed down any. In fact, if I had to say, I'd say it's just piled higher and deeper with all signs pointing to a few more inches before it's all over!

But what is there to do? Nothing can be solved with worry, nothing can be solved with fear or with hiding from reality, nor will I feel better if I allow myself to feel overwhelmed with it all.

Last week I got to visit with my family and friends, and I had a good reminder of all I do have...of all the good that i can celebrate from 2010, all I learned and experienced, and all the good I still have to look forward to, regardless of what happens in the days/weeks/months to come...

That brings me to a song I heard was by the Foo Fighters and the lyrics to "Times Like These" went like this:

I am a new day rising
I’m a brand new sky
To hang the stars upon tonight

New Years Eve can be considered the new year rising, and that is a beautiful thing. But the thing that's even better, and the thing that often gets overlooked is that every day is the new day rising, and every tomorrow is the brand new sky. That means endless chances to change, to get back up and try again, to push on, endless chances to laugh and love. Endless chances to remember that I still have an amazing family, friends that are always there for me, I have my health and strength, and I'm working on finding my TIME again. The past is exactly where it needs to be (behind me) and I'm taking steps to move forward. Granted, some are bigger than others, but every step is in the right direction.

So besides the biggies, some of the things I need to focus on with each new day:
1. Listening and trusting me, finding balance (work/life, training, food)
2. Stretching (always!)
3. Getting back to some personal training

Cheers to New Years and new days rising...

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  1. It's times like these you learn to live again.

    Big hugs!