Sunday, December 19, 2010

Raw Unity 2011 & GF Powaaaa

As if I couldn't already be excited enough about Raw Unity 2011, I've talked the fabulous and amazing Ms. T into joining me this year! The QT's have been lifted and T is in her off-season, so why not?!

With only 6 weeks to prep, we are getting down to business fast. In general, it's just some tweaking of the basics to get her PL prepped, learning the commands and the rules, and then building on her already strong lifts for added power and performance :) I have to say that I absolutely am LOVING having a virtual training partner...wish she was here, we would be having a blast. But as it is, we are performing essentially the same workouts each training day, the weight varies but the framework is the same.

I'm also loving being in a vaguely coaching role, so much fun! I still have a lot to learn, but I think it's helping me focus and better understand what I HAVE learned in order to pass it along.

T's found someone at her gym that is helping her adjust the mechanics of some of her lifts and I think in just one or two sessions he's been a tremendous benefit to her. That plus she's starting to video her lifts now and send them along..we're gonna have her squared away in no time - she's gonna be a supastaaaah at the meet. First time, and a total of 600+ is in the cards! We're gonna be quite the duo, I suspect ;)


Meanwhile, my training is coming along well, tomorrow is "Skills Day" and Myles is once again accompanying me to the gym. I *heart* skills day :) That should give us some good info to use going into the meet...we'll see, I'm sure Myles will make me behave myself but of course I don't *want* to ;)

Leaving on Tuesday for VA, I fully expect to be able to get all my training in while home and not miss a beat. When I get back a week from Wednesday, I'm subbing OUT one training session hopefully to train a day with the infamous RC-ster - fun!


  1. You both are gonna ROCK DA HOWZE!

  2. Yay! Girl POWAH! Ummm... Cooth, I hadn't done the math - 600? Really?

    I'm so honored you invited me along for this ride. Super stoked as you know. :) So much FUN!