Sunday, January 2, 2011

FitarellaTV & The Pulse!

Tomorrow is shaping up to be an exciting day in more ways than one :)

I'm super excited that Ms. Jacqueline Carla, AKA Fitarella has invited me to come by FitarellaTV tomorrow around 1pm. We're going to talk stuff. Stuff like weight loss, getting fit, powerlifting, and what's to come (hmm just what IS to come?!), and I have to say I am pretty psyched about the whole thing :) Check it out if you can!

What's FitarellaTV?

FitarellaTV is a fun, interactive women’s health show on The Pulse Network, broadcast live online every Monday, 1pm EST (streaming live to iPad & iPhone as well). If you miss a show, no worries, each episode is available on demand on Fitarella.TV and The Pulse Network after the live show. On FTV, no topic is off limits! From nutrition to sex, I cover it all! And YOU can join the conversation during the live show by calling in, tweeting or skyping.

To connect with the show:
calling - 877-pulse-411
twitter- @thepulse (#thepulse)
skype- thepulsenetwork (all one word)

Check it out if you can! Fun!

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  1. OMG!! This is so cool and I am bummed that I missed it! I'll have to check and see if the video is still available!