Saturday, January 22, 2011

RUM Today!

I haven't posted in ages, THINGS have been getting in my way, sucking my energy and time and this has been the last place I've come, unfortunately. All this time though, training has continued on. There have definitely been days when my energy has been extremely low, my strength definitely has been affected. But the past few days I've been able to disengage from the THINGS that have been distractions and start to really focus on what I've been training for, and that's today - The Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships.

The past few days I've made ME the priority and done my best to balance out all the important factors: the sleeping, eating, training, resting...all of it has been coming together and this morning I woke up feeling SOLID for the first time in weeks.

RC told me to go out there and be a "power BEAST" and that's just what I intend to do.

All my strength, all my power, all my love, everything I've got!

I'm not coming off that platform today with anything left - all I've got is going out there. I have some big lifts ahead, and I need to own them, they're totally within my power.

The Plan

The 3rd attempts listed are what I've been training towards, but a smart plan is flexible if needed:

Squat: 165.3 / 187.4 / 203.4

Bench: 104.7 / 115.7 / 126.8

Deads: 275.6 / 297.6 / 325.2

Total: 655.4

Virtual support WELCOMED - Live streaming of the meet starts at 9:30am EST on Saturday here: Women will open the meet today, and as usual I will probably be right up first or very near first since the lifters squatting the least open ;)

It looks to be like a very long day with 3 flights instead of the usual 2. So all women will do all 3 of their squats in rotation, then all of the very lightweight men and their 3 squats, then all of the lighweight men and THEIR 3 squats...THEN women will do their bench and so on.

I know I have friends and family tuning in for the live stream, and I'm beyond excited and grateful to have the amazing T cheering me on *in person* I'm a lucky girl for that :) She's pretty amazing these days. A few others will be stopping in too, Ms. Tina is coming by to cheer, and possibly, of all people, sunglasses trainer guy from the gym may be in town, hah!

With all the positive support behind me, with my solid training and prep up to this point, with all I've got out there on the platform...

Today is mine.


  1. BEAST!

    Wish I were there where its so HAWT instead of up here where its frigid!

    ~ Coco

  2. THIS is YOUR day!

    Nancy D