Sunday, May 29, 2011

Where to Begin...

On Friday I was put on "working notice" at work, my last day is to be July 8th. If you know me, you already know why and you also know that this is probably the best thing that could happen. Well, hahah..almost best :) It would have been best had I gotten something else FIRST, but...being released from there is really a relief and a big step towards happiness.  I've been nothing but stressed for months! The terms of my notice are, relatively speaking, extraordinarily generous (I'm not sure why, but my guess is that it has something to do with marketing), and during this time I can choose to work from home or the office unless they need me in the office for something specifically.  I'll take "home" for $1,000 please Alex!

The timing surprised me, I guess I knew it would come eventually, but I didn't expect it *quite* yet...I was thinking I had till maybe August/September. With the surprise comes a big sense of relief,  a little anger, and a lot of "umm...shit!" I cycle through these emotions fairly frequently...waves just kind of hit me out of nowhere. There's some sadness too.  I know a lot of you would say "why sad?" and I think it's because there was a time (albeit quite brief) that this job to me was just the epitome of awesome...I loved it and I was happy to go in to work everyday.  Also sad maybe because as I realized I did love it so much, it was easy for me to give *so much* to it. Looking back I see just how much that was and how ultimately in the end it did nothing to help and I got nothing out of it except maybe it feels a bit like a kick in the head to be asked to leave...even if I was unhappy there for the past year or two.

Where am I going with all this...I saw yesterday that this coming week we will have a new moon, symbolizing "the time to begin new projects, initiate contracts, make important phones calls, write up a proposal and do anything that requires a starting point. A time to undertake new cycles."  I'm not generally one to put too much importance on these kinds of things, but in this case, I'm going to build on this idea and run with it through every aspect of my life. It was already starting..I could feel a change in me happening most specifically with all of the eating issues, a new trust has been really taking hold and growing.

My next post was going to be about a small victory in that arena, but Friday's news sort of dwarfed it in the immediate sense.  But the more I think about it now, in relation to undertaking new cycles, it's perfect. A friend of mine invited me to a cook-out at her house on Memorial Day, I accepted. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it occurred to me that a year ago I'd be doing one of three things right now: a) completely freaking out about going, how will I eat, what if everyone thinks I'm a freak because I don't eat anything, or I bring something of my own? b) trying to get out of going because of (a), or c) being sad and miserable because I would have declined it to begin with - further from "living," and further isolating myself .

Today - I'm excited about tomorrow and the prospect of seeing my friend, hopefully meeting some new folks, and generally having a good time. I'm not in freak-mode about the food or my weight or how to handle the situation...all I need to do is show up and have fun :) I have not stepped on the scale since last Monday - I know I'm up a little but I'm just now coming off my period and I know that's normal and not freak worthy and not even worthy of stepping on the scale, I can feel the bloat - no need :) I feel good, I feel *different* I believe it now when Raphael says it IS possible to heal this...I'm doing it, i'm working hard at it :)  There's a confidence and trust that has never been there before.

So two new cycles there, but both speak to changing the quality of my life..taking it back and making it mine again.  I also think I'm just about ready to hit the PL training again...I've been having a hard time resisting (!) squats and deadlifts in the gym lately, and more so - wanting to move some WEIGHT!

Last night I read through 5-3-1 for Powerlifting and I think that's where I'm going to start.  I used the original 5-3-1 program after my first meet (and overdid it). I think I've learned enough now and have gotten so much better at listening to my body that I'm in a good place to try's been slightly revised since then. I'm going to consider the next 3-4 weeks a transition period...working the lifts back into my regular rotation, getting re-used to the movements, refining form, and then I'll give it a go. I'm excited :)

Meanwhile, late last week I took my deadlift for a spin to see how she was lookin ;) Kept it light and simple with 5 x 5 sets.  Here's the last set (lost my grip on that last rep, had to reset):

Not too bad for 5 months off, I feel encouraged ... in so many things, beginning again :)


  1. ❤ this post Cathy! I feel really good things are coming your's inevitable! :-)

  2. Yay! I hope you had fun at the party.

  3. I know the job thing was weighing on you a lot lately; it's good that you have an actual end date. Now you can move on to the next big Cathyventure!

  4. Thanks you is a sign of good things to come, it's got to me. And even if it isn't, it's a good thing to believe it is :) So...onward!

    The pool party/cook-out was great, I had a really nice time and I can't even tell you how wonderful it felt to really *feel* "normal." It was a gift (I even got in a bathing suit and played around in the pool :)

  5. After I sent you that lengthy email, and then a reply to your response, I felt a bit guilty that I had overlooked one key thing:

    Apparently, you needed some time off and were over-worked -- it happens to all of us.

    I feel bad that I did not weigh in and suggest that it may be good to take time off -and I'm glad you listened to your gut feeling. ((At least I feel good that I was not a moron and suggested you go 100%-full steam ahead!! LOL))

    We all over-train -& need r & r.

    Lastly, am glad that I didn't offend you by being too talkative or lengthy here –and, moreover, I'm glad that you carefully considered my 'crazy vegetarian' dietary suggestions --since you had said in some post or another you were unsure here -- Trust me: This “crazy vegan” diet beats diseases down (beats cancer down real good: studies don't lie) --and still affords me “good” strength gains in my own training. (Don't forget my 585-lbs rack pull- it's now up to 635-lbs & hope to have vids posted soon!)

    While I don't know what weight will be best for your health, well-being, and ability to lift well in the gym, Kathy, I'm sure if you experiment around, you'll find what works for you --and what doesn't.

    Train hard, be careful, and have fun!


    Gordon Wayne Watts
    LAKELAND, Fla.