Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Non-Training Training Blog Post ;)

So, after consulting with my Realtor tonight just to be's official, and I'm moving.  The offer that was made on my house for the short sale has been officially accepted by the bank, I got the paperwork today, and the closing date must be on or before 5/12/2011.

Six weeks to find a new place to live and move.  Totally doable.  Stressy, but doable.  And oh....*relief* once those papers are signed!

Danette (my realtor - she rocks, and if you're in SoFL I would highly recommend her!) is going to help me find a place, and we're going to target 5/1, so I can try to move over time rather than all in one day (hopefully the full 12 days until 5/12!).

I'd hoped that I'd have found a new job by now so that I could move to a place that was convenient for that, but...hey what can ya do ;) I'll probably just stick around this general area, because..well, I like it!  It's not far from West Palm, not far from Fort Lauderdale, it works for me in a good way :)

I can't believe it actually happened this quickly, it's very very lucky that I not only got a buyer but also that the bank moved me through the process and ultimately accepted the offer!

So while things are still up in the air job wise, and even where I'm going to be living, I'm comfortable with it. I have a deep sense of "it's all going to be ok, it's working itself out." Slowly but surely, one step at a time :)
Yay :)

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