Friday, September 2, 2011

Seriously, It's September?!

End of Week Training Update
Bench went well on Thursday, i was really happy with this session. The plan called for 5 x 5 @ 110. I went in thinking I'd pause sets 1, 3, and 5, and go touch&go on 2 and 4. I quickly changed my mind on that ;)

Bench - 5 x 5(ish) @ 110

Happy with a good pause on at least the first 3 reps of sets 1 - 4.
On sets 4 and 5 the spot I got was just the tiiiiiniest bit of assistance through the sticking point, then hands off again.

Next week, I'll advance set one to 112 and go for all paused reps, then go back to 110 for the other 4 sets since I'm not quite ready to move on yet.

On to squats! Up to 135 for 5 x 5 on squats and they felt easier and better than ever. I do have one set on video but it's not so helpful so we'll skip it today. RC commented that it was my best squat session so far, that's promising, since squat is his thang. I did well keeping my elbows down and breathing through the squat...I'm excited to see where I can take this the next few weeks!

I've also identified a tremendous strength difference between my right and left quad. My right knee is the one that's frequently messed up, so maybe that explains the difference, but it is VERY pronounced. I'll be spending the next several weeks also trying to correct that.

On Another Front
Mentally struggling a bit with the food/weight thing this week. That's probably an understatement, but...I'm still trying to sort through it all and also I made an agreement with myself today, that the freaking out could resume if I still felt like a crazy person on TUESDAY. Until then...we're trying to chill out over here, and trying not to over-react and make any drastic changes. This morning (before the agreement with myself), I almost called Christie in a panic, but I calmed down and will just leave my already scheduled appointment where it is (9/14). I have to learn to deal with this. I guess that's is for the next few days anyway!

And Another One
Not a lot of news to share on the job front...a few leads, but nothing of substance, and no interviews...yet!


  1. Yay on the training. Sorry to hear about the struggling but it sounds like you are taking a good approach. Fingers crossed on the job front.

  2. Funny you would mention that you are struggling with your diet, Cathy: I don't read your blog that often, as time-constraints from many other things compete, but just a few days ago, a friend from the gym where I workout sent me a Discover Magazine article that said this:

    "Forced to subsist on fat-deficient meat, the men would gorge themselves, yet wither away. Protein can’t be the sole source of energy for humans, concludes Cordain. Anyone eating a meaty diet that is low in carbohydrates must have fat as well."

    Health & Medicine / Nutrition The Inuit Paradox
    by Patricia Gadsby, Photography by Leon Steele
    From the October 2004 issue; published online October 1, 2004

    And, therefore, when it mentioned that a *high* fat diet can be healthier than you might think, I thought of you. What coincidence.

    While I'm a vegan, and this article is NOT, I think that the article and i agree on one take-home message that may prove helpful to you maintaining the weight you want:

    The Inuit Eskimos eat LOTS of fat and yet are not obese, and not out of energy either, so *ironically*, the body performs better, is less obese, and healthier if you eat sufficient fat as well as protein. (I chug carbs right after a workout to replenish my body as well.)

    Also, the exercise itself does not help maintain a certain weight, but rather regular conditioning (sprints, sled pulls, prowlers pushes, etc.) raise the metabolism and thereby help you burn fat at a higher rate when resting. (But some fat is necessary for your health.)

    Lastly, besides what you eat, and how much you exercise, the 3rd reason these Eskimos are healthy is the lack of processing of their food (and probably stress plays a role too).

    Between this article and the anti-cancer properties of a vegan diet I mentioned in my last comment, I hope this helps you stay healthy. If other nations can have VERY low cancer rates yet still produce strong athletes (think: China, Japan, even Mexico's LOW cancer rates!), then so can we --if we copy what they're doing.