Sunday, August 7, 2011


Last week was a back-off week and it was good timing...I really needed it in more ways than one. It also gave me a good opportunity to work on my Squat form. A few weeks back you might remember me freaking out about my squat form, where I suddenly saw it from a different angle and was HORRIFIED (let me say that again...HORRIFIED)!
One of the things I decided to really focus on was keeping my elbows forward (pointing down, perpendicular to the floor, rather than behind me and parallel to the floor) so I set out with a low weight and a ton of reps and I got busy!

FINALLY, I think I'm getting it. I have to mentally cue myself to think of someone almost forcefully pushing them forward and holding them there while I squat. This helps me keep my chest up, which helps me not fall. I think! We'll see as I work back up to some weight :) I also widened my stance (just a tiny bit), and brought my grip in (it helps me with my elbows).

For's what progress looks like:
Before (Not pretty! Notice my elbows and how far forward my chest is)

After (Elbows! Chest (more) up!)

Makes me very happy :)

In other news, I have 2 weeks left to train hard for my deadlift only's coming on so quickly! Also, my girl Brandi is officially coming down for my meet in November, staying for the week on vacation, and then we're driving up to Savannah for her Oly meet the following weekend! A week long extravaganza of weightlifting, vacation/visiting, and road tripping...I mean *really* can it get any better than that?! :)


  1. I think it could *possibly* be better if there were cabana boys involved somehow. And by 'boys' I mean hot guys over the age of 26 bringing us tall glasses of ice water and plates of perfectly cooked protein. For some reason, I feel like that would make everything in life just a little better ;)

  2. Hahah...I think you're pretty much right. Cabana boys make everything better :)

    Where's the "like" on this?!